Artists Selected for Four Projects Along Prairie Line Trail

Jan. 27, 2017

Gwen Schuler, Media and Communications,, (253) 591-5152
Maria Lee, Media and Communications,, (253) 591-2054

Artists Selected for Four Projects Along Prairie Line Trail

A panel of community members and stakeholders has selected two individuals, Matthew Dockrey and Ryan Elizabeth Feddersen, as well as two artist teams, Esteban Camacho Steffensen and Jessilyn Brinkerhoff and, and ROTATOR (Lance Kagey, Scott Varga and Mark Alvis) to receive $55,000 each to create artworks for the Prairie Line Trail in Downtown Tacoma. These artists will provide historic interpretation for an important location or theme along the trail in an artful way. In addition, the City of Tacoma is working with the Chinese Reconciliation Foundation to create an installation, “Shipment to China” by Hai Ying Wu, to honor the Chinese railroad workers.

Matthew Dockrey is a Seattle-based industrial artist with a particular interest in kinetic sculpture. The history of technology and industry provides the inspiration for much of his work, as well as exploring the beauty of mechanical design. His moving sculptures have been featured at Burning Man, on the Discovery Channel, at the Greenwich Observatory in London, and his public art can increasingly be found around the Pacific Northwest.

Ryan Elizabeth Feddersen, a member of the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation (Okanogan / Arrow Lakes), is a mixed media installation artist residing in Seattle. Her work is characterized by a sense of exploration and experimentation. Her work utilizes tongue in cheek humor accompanied by interactivity to invite the viewer to engage with the irrationalities and hypocrisies of contemporary American culture. She has created several large-scale interactive installations including pieces for the Tacoma Art Museum, Spokane Arts, Bumbershoot, and the Henry Gala.

Esteban Camacho Steffensen is an international muralist with commissioned artwork in Costa Rica, Spain and the United States. Most of his artwork has been produced in public spaces, such as universities and city institutions, where he works with community leaders during the design process, and involves local youth and students in the painting and production. He seeks to empower people to join the sustainability movement. His teammate, Jessilyn Brinkerhoff, comes from a graphic design background. She enjoys mural painting with youth because it gives students the opportunity to contribute to their community in a lasting way through a creative experience, while learning the elements of art and life skills such as working as a team. Together, the artists work with environmental subject matter in their large scale murals, bridging biology, education, and fine art.

ROTATOR is a studio of artists and designers based in Tacoma that specializes in placemaking and community building through art. They believe that the creative mindset has the ability to transform trajectories and community outcomes. ROTATOR  is made up of three partners (Lance Kagey, Scott Varga and Mark Alvis) who have worked side by side for years but have recently come together to create a unique and powerful offering in the South Sound region.


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