Community Meeting Recap–Your Prairie Line Trail

Last week’s community meeting at the Washington State History Museum yielded a great turn out and generated some important discussions about where the Prairie Line Trail is and what community members think it should be. Elliott Barnett introduced the project, and Michael Sullivan briefly discussed the history of the Prairie Line. Some of our project stakeholders even came out to listen and discuss all things Prairie Line with their community.meeting

People are excited to see the history of Tacoma come to life via the Prairie Line Trail, and shared how important it is to address Tacoma’s cultural and ethnic diversity in regards to the Prairie Line, while keeping the project themes interconnected. As a project team, we have reviewed all the responses from both the community meeting and survey, and greatly appreciate all of the input that Tacoma’s community has to offer. If you still want to contribute some thoughts, it’s not too late. The survey is still open, but it won’t be for much longer!

We have received many meaningful responses, including that the Prairie Line is an “unsung but important chapter of Tacoma history,” and that the trail means “mobility, vitality, [and] community” to the area.


A special event is currently in the works for Thursday, September 8th . . . stay tuned!


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